Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chunky Sugars

Chunky Sugars
Author: Sara Banard
Illustrator: Joshua Stolte
Publisher: 5 Prince Publishing
ISBN: 9781939217202

An adorable baby bear cub and his mama spend some quality time together sharing snuggles and, of course, some chunky sugars. What are chunky sugars you ask? Well, I’m sure you've shared enough of them with your own cubs, those sweet smooches you can never get enough of.

So what does our adorable baby bear cub and his mama like to do you ask? Well, they like to play outside, swim with the fishes, and eat all the honey and blueberries they can find. Mama also loves to share those special chunky sugars all over her chunky baby’s cheeks, fluffy head and feet. So when you read Chunky Sugars to your little cub, be sure to dish out all the sugar you can, but don’t forget to count those hearts, look for bee’s and say a quick hello to Mother Nature while you’re at it. Oh, and watch out for those new baby teeth, they hurt!

Chunky Sugars is an adorable book written by Sara Banard who happens to dish out chunky sugars to her own chunky babies. Joshua Stolte is the man behind the adorable illustrations in Chunk Sugars that have an eye catching, 3D like quality to them.  They are fun to look at, but not overwhelming for your little ones.  They also offer a wonderful way to introduce new words to your children’s vocabulary with images of bee’s and fish, hearts and hugs, even teeth.

Chunky Sugars is the perfect introductory book for your own chunky baby, and whether you call them smooches, kisses, planting a smacker or a chunky sugar, you’ll appreciate the message behind this adorable book. 

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