Monday, March 4, 2013

No Ordinary Apple

No Ordinary Apple: A Story About Eating Mindfully
Author: Sara Marlowe
Illustrator: Phil Pascuzzo
Publisher: Wisdom Publications
ISBN: 9781614290766
Release Date: Summer 2013

5 bright shiny apples for this gem of a book!

If you’ve got yourself a picky eater at home, No Ordinary Apple is a definite read.

First, let’s start out by meeting Elliott, a handsome young boy who desires an afternoon snack after a long, ordinary day at school. He’s appalled when offered an apple as a snack, he’d prefer, as most children probably would, some sugary sweet junk good.

“An apple? Don’t you have any candy?”

From there, we follow little Elliot on a tasty journey where he discovers there is more to that ordinary apple than meets the eye, and ear, and nose, and mouth.

No Ordinary Apple is more than just a book about eating mindfully; it’s a book about engaging one’s sense’s when eating food, trying new foods, or giving foods that was once deemed unlikable another chance.

This book is brightly illustrated with lively pictures and vibrant colors. The cover drew me in immediately. The illustrations are so interesting that you readers will likely stay on a page to admire the handiwork of Mr. Pascuzzo long after reading the text. And while this book is meant for children 4 and up, younger children can easily appreciate the story and graphics as well.


  1. I love it, I think this will be great for Gigi, ( especially since she already love apples). The cover is very eye catching and what a great message. Thank for linking it into the Kid Lit Blog hop, hooray we made 100 links. Cheers Julie Grasso

  2. What a great idea for a book! I'm sure lots of parents would like this one - I'm not sure I've met a parent who's said, "My kid will eat anything". They are definitely a rare breed! lol Thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop. :)