Monday, February 25, 2013

Camp ABC: A Place for Outdoor Fun

Camp ABC: A Place for Outdoor Fun
Author: Zora and David Aiken
Illustrator: David Aiken
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 9780764344237
Release Date: February 28, 2013

Are you and your family planning to spend some time outdoors? Do you have a young child who desires to understand the sights and sounds they might experience, or the activities they can participate in while outdoors?  Well, look no further because you can teach them all about the great outdoors and their ABC’s with Camp ABC:  A Place for Outdoor Fun.

Zora and David Aiken have made this book double the fun for parents and young readers. Not only can children learn the alphabet, but they are also introduced to the many activities and animals the outdoors has to offer. A perfect example of this is the letter ‘K’, which is for kayak. We are treated to a lovely rhyming verse and the image of two happy children paddling the waters in their kayak, surrounded by deer, fish, raccoons and mice.
“A kayak’s a fun boat.
 It’s not very wide.
The kayaking paddle
 Dips in on both sides.”

A true camping adventure book with detailed illustrations and tons of ideas for a family getaway into the wilderness such as leaf tracing, rafting, star gazing, and even napping just to name a few.

You can pre-order Camp ABC:  A Place for Outdoor Fun on several online sites. Check below for a link to Amazon. Go to your local bookstore, or check an online site for Zora and David’s other collaboration, A to Z: Pick What You’ll Be.

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