Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Monster Knows Numbers

Monster Knows Numbers by Lori Capote

Monster Knows Numbers
Author: Lori Capote
Illustrator: Chip Wass
Publisher: Capstone Young Readers – Picture Window Books
ISBN: 9781404880382

Monsters Know Numbers? What? I thought there was no such thing as MONSTERS!

 I must be mistaken, but that’s okay because in Monster Knows Numbers, we meet a friendly green monster with with a very messy room who chooses odd things to play with like, prickly bears and slimy frogs just to name a couple.

Talk about appropriate use of color! Illustrator, Chip Wass, made sure this book was vibrantly illustrated. It will definitely keep any child’s attention as they learn to count from 1-10.

Order direct from publishers website.

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