Saturday, February 9, 2013

Princess Addison Gets Angry

Princess Addison Gets Angry (Princess Heart Series)
Written By: Molly Martin
Illustrated By: Melanie Florian
Publisher: Capstone Young Readers
Hardcover, 34 pages
ISBN: 9781404881075

Princess Addison Gets Angry is a delightful story about an only child whose usual daily routine gets rained on…literally.

The enchanting Princess Addison Lorelei Tiffany Genevieve Sinclair, Princess Addison for short, has an enthralling life consisting of play time with her closest friends, walking her dogs, taking strolls in the garden and dancing by the fountain. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has disrupted her plans and Princess Addison is Princess Angry! Cue full scale temper tantrum!

Luckily, after a small reminder from her Mommy, “A Princess may get angry, but a Princess never hits people or breaks things.” The abhorrent Princess Angry once again becomes the endearing Princess Addison and finds other ways to occupy herself. A walk, a book, some playful licks from her puppies and talking about her angry feelings seem to do the trick. Those angry feelings dissipate and our Princess realizes, “A Princess always knows there is always tomorrow.”

There are currently four books in the Princess Heart Series, all dealing with emotions such as happy, sad, angry and scared. Miss Martin and Miss Florian make a wonderful team with their written word and captivating illustrations on display. You can find the Princess Heart books at online retailers such as, or order directly from the publishers website.

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