Thursday, February 21, 2013

Little Dinos Don't Bite

Little Dinos Don't Bite

Little Dinos Don’t Bite
Author: Michael Dahl
Illustrator: Adam Record
Publisher: Capstone Young Readers
ISBN: 9781404875364

A 20 page board book with lively illustrations.

A lesson every child should learn, especially in this books target age bracket (2-4 years) is that there is absolutely, positively, NO BITING! What better way to enforce this lesson than with Little Dino and his Mommy, who may be sweet, but doesn’t like getting her tail chomped on by big, sharp teeth. Ouch!
Biting can do some serious damage as Little Dino finds out when he takes a nibble, or a chunk, out of his shoes, toys and chairs. After a bit of humorous parental guidance, our little dinosaur friend discovers what he should bite, “Bite a snack instead, Little Dino.”

This isn’t the first book I’ve reviewed of Mr. Dahl’s. He truly is a talented author having written over 200 books. He also has a few rather prestigious awards to his name as well. Mr. Record’s illustrations do a great job of reinforcing the author’s message...keep those teeth to yourself!

Check out the other books in the Dinos Don’t series; Dinos Don’t Yell, Dinos Don’t Push and Dinos don’t Hit. Go ahead and order directly from the publisher’s website at,

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