Friday, February 15, 2013

Dog Comes Too

Dog Comes Too
Author: Hazel Hutchins
Illustrator: Gosia Mosz
Publisher: Annick Press. Ltd.
ISBN: 9781554514793

26 pages, board book. Ages 2+

Dog Comes Too is an enchanting story about a brave and adventurous little doggy not willing to be left behind while his owner goes off on an adventure in rural pastures. And while he may be little, this spirited pup is willing to do bold things to stick by his owner, and best friend’s side.

Some pretty high jumps, scrambling up rocks, swimming in lakes with the fishes, and a run-in with a “too scary” porcupine keep this little doggy and his owner busy on their walk. In the end, our puppy friend and his owner spent the day experiencing some great adventures, together.

Look for Cat Come Too, a companion book to Dog Comes Too. Both books are due out at the end of February. According to Annick, the publisher of Dog Comes Too, Hazel has written over 30 books for children and young adults. Find her books at bookstores and online at sites like and Barnes and Noble.

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